Virtual Sunday Services at Castlefields Church – Sunday 22/03/20

Dear Castlefields friends,

We hope that you will be able to join together for our services tomorrow – not literally, of course, but by accessing our two services on the church . They should be available on the front page (or on Bible Talks) later tonight, in readiness.

It would be really great if everyone could do this at 10.30am and 6.00pm so that there is a real sense of being “together”.

Attached are the hymns that we would like you to sing (or say!) together. The Bible readings are included also.

Please pray before joining the services – and afterwards too. Pray especially for all those badly affected by the current situation, our nation and our leaders. There are prayers on the recording too.

Also attached is a sheet of questions to print off & use with younger children (if you have them!) in the morning.  

We trust that our two messages will be a great blessing to you and that the Lord Jesus will be glorified.

As the weeks go by, we may have other methods of communication on Sundays, but for now we have chosen this method, as easy for us — and easy for you — to access.

Remember to endeavour to keep the Lord’s Day special — everyone is under great strain and the rest of Sunday will be particularly needed by us all.

Every blessing.

David & Richard

Download children’s notes:

Download AM & PM hymn sheets:

IMPORTANT! Coronavirus Update 17/03/20

Things are changing rapidly from day to day but at this point we need to react to Government guidelines in a considered way and in accordance with Romans 13 v 1 – 3. 

Our decision therefore is to: 

Close the midweek meeting tomorrow. But please set aside an hour from 7.30pm to 8.30pm for prayer at home. Tomorrow we will email round some ‘prayer items’ for you to include. In this way, we can all pray together, although physically we are spread apart through the City.

Not to meet at the church on Sunday – we are planning a “virtual service” by use of modern technology where you will be able to join in from home on your computer or device. More details will follow shortly.

Other meetings planned for this week will not take place – “Little Steps”, YP@C etc. 

With much love in the Lord Jesus 

David, Peter, Richard, Martin & Lee

IMPORTANT! Coronavirus Advice 13/03/20

We will continue to hold our meetings and services until advised otherwise (we will not however be visiting the Nursing Homes for services). 

We will take special measures to ensure Communion bread and wine are served individually.

If you have symptoms of the Coronavirus please do not attend any meetings at the church.

If you are in the high-risk category for infection we strongly suggest you consider staying at home also.

Please bring your own Bibles & pens to church – we will be using service sheets (in this way, hymn books & Bibles will not be passed around to prevent infection spreading).

Recordings of the messages preached each week are available on the church website so you can hear Sunday’s messages as soon as they are loaded to the website on Monday.

Those on the “Hospitality Rota” should feel no obligation to provide hospitality to others. 

We remind you of the current guidelines issued by the Government to help prevent infection, namely:

  • Regular hand-washing with soap and water (for the duration of at least 20 secs). 
  • If you have some available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer at regular intervals.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze, putting used tissues in a bin immediately. 
  • Wash your hands afterwards.
  • Minimise physical contact (hand shaking etc.).
  • Should you experience a new and continuous cough and/or a high temperature you should self-isolate (do not leave your home) for 7 days from when the symptoms first started. 
  • Should symptoms worsen during that time, then you should visit the NHS 111 online service: If you do not have internet access, contact the NHS Helpline on 111. 
  • Individuals should assess their own vulnerability if they have underlying or chronic health conditions. 

We will make every attempt to clean and sanitise surfaces such as door handles etc after each meeting so that the church is as clean an environment as possible as we enter the building for the next meeting.

As a church family we must do all we can to protect, help and encourage one another. Please pray for wisdom and that God’s will might be done in these difficult times.

We will update you further as things develop and the Government issues further advice.

Church Elders & Deacons

David, Peter, Richard, Martin & Lee